white bedrooms

Living in a rental creates a lot of design challenges. Basically, you are stuck with the white walls, beige carpet and no architectural interest whatsoever. And even though our manager was kind enough to let me paint whatever I want, after tackling the living room the idea of repainting the whole apartment back to the lovely “Swiss white” doesn’t seems as exciting anymore. And I just happen to love bold dark colors, so I’m afraid I might need more than one coat of white when we move out.

And my husband, being genius as usual, suggested it to be my “Designer Challenge”. Literary white room. And while I don’t mind white rooms in certain cases, the problem is that’s the bedroom, the room that should be sumptuous and intimate.

I decided to start searching for bedrooms that can inspire.

to be continued…

<images via www.decorpad.com>


2 Responses to “white bedrooms”

  1. Qwendy Says:

    Hmmm……. interesting challenge , hard to imagine — we don’t have a white wall in our whole house ; ) I love the one that doesn’t use black as the accent color, black and wheit is too easy! Are you going to post pefore and afters?

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