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kensie color

March 3, 2010

I’m absolutely in love with the new collection from Kensie. Dreamy greys, whites and bright coral…can’t wait to turn this color palette into an interior.

When I think of pretty I think of you…

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design star season 5

January 18, 2010

Sunday night, the saddest time of all. That’s when you start wondering where did my WHOLE weekend go? Well, somewhere between crazy domino/backgammon games (till 4am!), cheering for husband on a soccer field, a few delicious recipes and a lovely in-house party (and then the feeling of guilt for everything eaten), searching for the inspiration for the new project and simultaneously sunbathing in Santa Monica, a quick roam through Farmer’s market…have I mentioned everything?!

Anyways…HGTV Design Star Show has been accepting applications for the season 5 and January 19th is the last day for the submissions. Good luck to everyone. And while we are all waiting for the new season to air, I decided  to put together some of my favorites on the “White Room Challenge”.

Absolutely love the texture created by wood logs and the pop of color of apples. Great proof once again that good des

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Michael Johansson

December 17, 2009

I came across this image on Design Sponge and it totally made my morning. I have a thing for vintage luggage so this art installation by Michael Johansson rubs me all the right ways with it’s sence of humor and cheerful colors.

P.S. What a great storage idea! 

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holiday inspirations

December 15, 2009

I don’t know about you, but if I read another article/post named “deck the halls” or ” ’tis the season” I’ll absolutely get insane. Decorating for Christmas/New Years might be very overwhelming. When it comes for this time of the year, I become a child and all my cool-headedness and choice making abilities disappear. With all this magic in the air it’s easy to go overboard.

As a kid, you kinda don’t have much choice. You inherit your tree/ornaments/garlands etc. and pass it along. Then you have roommates/friends with their design ideas. But settling in a new truly mine space I have a chance to rewrite the history and get a fresh (and CLEAN) start. With all this pressure I decided to narrow down my choices by these inspiration board.

Starting with the basicsso my color palette would be bright red, pure white (with silver sparkle) and spruce green. And this room from Roomenvy Blog has all the key elements. It’s simply chic, festive and CLEAN.

my sugar-cane palette in these yummy ornaments and may be some pattern with these and i love the craftiness of these

I get very home sick around New Years. I miss the lavish forest sunk into the fresh snowdrifts. The sparkling and heavy branches of spruces above the head and crisp air. So to break off my candy theme, I want to bring in nature.

berries, nuts, pine cones and birch bark to toss here and there for the fresh nature-inspired decor.

and, of course, the gift wrapping. Let’s be eco-friendly and stylish and use something we already have for those needs. I like the contrast of rough recycled paper and soft atlas ribbons.

what a nice way to add color and wit to the wrapping.<click on images to see the sources>

lazy day

November 26, 2009

After a day in Home depot looking for fix ups for my “DIY  turned-wrong”, I found myself too lazy to search for turkey recipes (I don’t even have a turkey…yet). Instead, I deciede to splurge in winter vacation rentals. Can’t wait for my winter’s fairytale with a cup of hot mulled wine and skiing till I drop. Going to Mammoth, CA for New Years. Yay! Anyone with me?!

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happy hallo

November 1, 2009

my costume inspiration

my Halloween reality

Hello world!

October 20, 2009


Hello World!

Here’s the sketchbook of inspirations and simply beautiful things to help design addicts (me in the first place) get through the day.