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in the eyes of the beholder

June 6, 2011

One of today’s vendor presentations reminded me of a certain beauty I can’t get enough of …

you say “art”, I say “wallcovering by Fromental

ann gardner

April 6, 2011

I looove my profession. Not only my day is filled with color palettes and design puzzles, but I get to discover something new and lovely every day. Today I was I came across an incredible award-winning artist and sculptor Ann Gardner. Working with glass and crystal mosaics, Ann creates truly breathtaking pieces, whether wall panels or 3D floating sculptures, they make me want to get every one of them in every color way.


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ecooler chill

March 23, 2011

Living in LA one has to use AC on the regular basis, there’s just no way around it. Period. But am I the only one who hates the stream of dry air pouring straight in you face (not even talking about all the dust and allergens it brings with it)?

Well, apparently I’m not alone in the AC-loath. A product design company Studio Kahn developed a new cooling system called Ecooler, which not only looks great but works without any energy.

How do they do it? The Ecooler system is constructed of interconnecting modular three-dimensional tile made of hollow, twisting ceramic piping that can hold water. The system combines two traditional elements – the jara and the mashrabiya. The mashrabiya is a characteristic element of Islamic architecture, found mostly in Arab countries, including in many of the traditional homes of Cairo.  It serves as a breathing screen between the street and the inner courtyard or home and enables the passage of air and light.  The jara serves to cool the water in clay containers by water seepage and evaporation from the outer surface, as with the human body’s perspiration system. By integrating both of these systems, increasing the inner surface and use of traditional materials, they have created a screen that serves as a natural, ecological cooling system.

Sounds great to me. Wonder if it would work for crazy hot summers in LA.


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black crow studios

March 5, 2011

What can be better than a wallpaper? A custom wallpaper made especially for you! Black Crow Studios offer just that. No same pattern repeat, just pure art mural that exactly fits your needs. Isn’t it just dreamy, or am I too crazy in love with wallpapers?!

All the designs above are hand drawn, photographed or painted by Tracy Hinter herself. But also features works of other incredibly talented artist. Don’t you just love the nostalgic European photocards wallpaper! Just want to wrap myself in it.

Keep dancing to the Roisin Murphy’s Ruby blue, the soundtrack on their website.

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new turkish kilims by gypsy/maturin

February 20, 2011

I love the technique of traditional Turkish Kilims, as flat woven rugs they look very clean and substantial. But, to be honest, the traditional rug patterns are not my cup of tea. So I was uber-excited to come across Gypsy/Maturin rug collection. Created from all natural materials, the rugs are either made of vintage Turkish kilim and adorned with hand embroidery, or loomed out of plush mohair and textured hem. I’m just in love with the monochrome palette, how perfect they would look in a beach house…

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color obsession: coral and turquoise

February 6, 2011

I know that some smart professionals out there are busy predicting new color trends for the next seasons, but I’ve already selected my new color combo to obsess over. Pale coral and turquoise palette is so fresh and fun for spring/summer time. And both of the colors look fabulous against a bronze sun-kissed skin. Ladies and gentlemen, put your shades on, we are heading towards the summer time!

1. Lenox Chirp Collection; 2. Essie Nail Polish in California Coral; 3. Stephen Dweck Coral and Turquoise Ring; 4. Dwell Studio Decorative Pillow; 5. Trina Turk Turquoise/White Diamond Pillow; 6. Tibi One-Shoulder Printed Dress; 7. Hinged Jewelry Box; 8. Charles Schneider Art Glass Vase; 9. Ceramic Melon Doorknob.

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rob wynne glass art

November 30, 2010

I stumbled upon Rob Wynne glass art installations and was immediately blown away. Besides the incredible sense of humor, it possesses such a captivating dimensionality and makes you stop and stare. “Teardrops” stole my heart.

Artificial Paradise, Installation View. 2009 JGM.Galerie. Paris, France

My another favorite is poured and  mirrored glass text. My designer juices are boiling with ideas for its application.

An Orchid in the Land of Technology, 2007. Poured & mirrored glass. DIOR Permanent Installation (headquarters Ave. Montaigne Paris, France)

Dior - Plaza 66. Shanghai, China (permanent installation) 2010

Love Sick, 2010. poured and mirrored glass. 36"x 27"

In the Air, 2009.Poured & mirrored glass. 53" x 30"

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all play, no work

October 15, 2010

As I’m on my continuous streak of studying for my Thesis, it’s all work and no play here. But how fun would it be to be surrounded by play. Literary! With the Games Wallpapers from Parisian design group 5.5 Designers any room can become playground.

Can you imagine how perfect it is for the boring dentist waiting rooms or kids’ rooms! So engaging! <images via>

bamboo or not bamboo…?

October 1, 2010

Bamboo has been taking the design industry by storm in recent years. The more popular it gets, the more controversy it rises. Is it really as green as they say? There is no definite answer out there but I came cross a very comprehensive research article on Wood vs. Bamboo. It’s always good to make an educated choice. So click here for all the PROs and CONs.




As for me, it all depends on looks. With a large variety of bamboo types and stains, it looks very fresh and unique. Perfect for contemporary installations and, in my book, it IS more eco-friendly version. Like these from Teragren.

But when you need some old soul there’s nothing better than reclaimed wood, like this one from wine barrels from Fontenay.

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