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5D by oppenheim

November 20, 2011

Some images possess the 5D powers. Like these out-of-the-world renderings of the award-winning Wadi Rum Resort in Jordan by super-talented team of Oppenheim Architecture + Design.

We all know what 3D is, so the 4th D is for the sound and feel of the swooping sand between the mountains which I can swear you get just by looking at this presentation. And the 5th D I give for the incredible peaceful and relaxing after-taste that is left with you, it’s almost like going on a mini vacation. Don’t you agree?

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dreaming of: provence

July 30, 2011

After finally buying the tickets to a certain long-wished-for European vacation, my head seems to permanently transport itself into the dreamland at any spare moment. And the current dreamland looks something like these.

Or even more so…exactly like these…………

After brief calculations with a sober mind, I ended up with the following sad conclusion: At my current salary rate I’ll need at least 100 years to be able to afford anything close to this. Oh wait, I forgot to do dollar-to-euro exchange! I guess I’ll stop by calculation at this, back to dream land :)))))

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scattered light

November 19, 2010

The Scattered Light installation  by Jim Campbell at Madison Square literary brighten my day.

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sporeborne by anna garforth and eleanor stevens

June 12, 2010

Urban land artists, Guerilla gardeners, Green graffiti extraordinaires…however you call this two, the art that comes out of this collaboration is  simply unbelievable. It’s deep, it’s inspiriting, it’s beautiful and, yes, they do it by hand.  Spreading the eco-message  and sparkling  questioning El&Abe, as the duo is known, have been showcasing their work all over Europe.

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