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my kind of darkness

October 30, 2012

I always have mixed emotions when it comes to Halloween. I’m all for playing dress up and distorting the reality for a day (just a trip to the Grocery store on that day is a treat with all the characters down the isles) but some people need to take it to the NEXT level. The kind of level that makes you want to close you eyes and erase the memory.

We are all here for boo-tiful and tasteful kind of darkness so let me present you Vivienda En La Finca by Spanish architecture and design studio A-CERO.

The design team created quite a unique setting which could totally be the dwelling of a modern-day Dracula. All elements are there: strong interplay of light and dark, seductive art curiosities and luring Gothic volumes. Everything is so well though-through, it give me the designer goose bums.

There is something forbidden but very tempting at the same time. Would you dare to come in?

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new vibe

October 22, 2012

Hello lovelies, I promised not to leave you alone for too long so here am I again. This time I have something very very special. That is a little sneak preview of a highly anticipated fresh press – Kelly Wearstler’sRHAPSODY“.

Officially on sale October 23rd, the book has a lot eye-candy for Kelly’s fans. Everything we love about her vibe: daring scale interplay, brave color mixes and curious vintage finds. Did I mention a LOT of creative inspiration?


All rights reserved: 2012 Rizzoli International Publications.

Photography by G.Crawford; F.Halard; A.Schlechter

mental strength

March 7, 2012

It’s been 3 days since I had my last chocolate and I’m…..feeling FINE! Surprisingly, I’m still alive and haven’t destroyed anything in the rage of  chocolate-obsessed anger. On the opposite, I’m buddah-calm and very positive! You’d ask “why do you, poor little thing, torture yourself?” (and knowing me, you’d be totally right). However, not only I’ve decided to support my family in the Great Lent (where you become vegan for 40 days), moreover I want to practice my mental strength in restrain of something I desire the most. Somehow I feel more in control now, I don’t need to eat sweets to improve my mood or feel better.

I’m a super-human! And to prove that, I’m posting this incredibly saliva-secreting video which I watched a few times together with other mind-boggling dessert recipes (watch at your own risk!).

it’s an etsy world: ellemoss

May 5, 2011

I’ve been an awful blogger lately. With a completely unbalanced April schedule I barely could find time for sleep let aside writing and inspiring you guys. I’ll try to improve as getting back on tracks.

For now I’m leaving you with fantastic art photography by ellemoss. Soft color palettes with a healthy dose of weird curiosity. Got me thinking that I need to freshen up my art collection…

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house cleaning

January 10, 2011

New year starts with resolutions. To be honest, I had quite a few dragging from the previous year. Not the most pleasant feeling so I decided to tackle those long forgotten procrastinations. The first on the list is to FINALLY redesign my website. It is especially shameful since my husband is web developer. We’ve been working on it for a few days now and it’s coming out pretty good. I though I’ll show you a teaser of my new logo.

Let me know what do you think.

simple life

October 16, 2010

It’s gloomy in LA today but at least the weather helps to get into “get-things-done” mode. It’s so much harder with bright sun shine luring you outdoors. My to-do list made me think of the stunning Brit stylist Twig Hutchinson who made the house chores look so incredibly chic.

Which in its turn made me remember that all the real pleasures in life lay in the simple moments like this. And if you go through the day with the happy smile and appreciation for what you’ve got, it makes it so much easier. Enjoy your weekend whatever it holds in store for you.

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all play, no work

October 15, 2010

As I’m on my continuous streak of studying for my Thesis, it’s all work and no play here. But how fun would it be to be surrounded by play. Literary! With the Games Wallpapers from Parisian design group 5.5 Designers any room can become playground.

Can you imagine how perfect it is for the boring dentist waiting rooms or kids’ rooms! So engaging! <images via>

white square (actually, it’s a rectangle)

April 25, 2010

It seemed impossible to reinvent the famous Black Square by Malevich but this Norwegian artist definitely made a simple rectangle more fun. The series of art installations by Jørund Aase Falkenberg can be interpreted quite philosophically when though of the eloquent simplicity of the white  space or rather playful when trying to imagine the actual piece of art that was in the place. Either way – genius!

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January 30, 2010

Following the Design Sponge  post on Logo Design and Identity (thanks meg mateo ilasco), I browsed the website and found TONS of inspiration. I don’t know about you but I’m constantly trying to reinvent my logo and, honestly, got a little too tired of it. May be I should just surrender in the hands of a professional graphic designer?! In the meanwhile, here are a few of many designs that I find very successful.

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