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my kinda registry

May 18, 2011

I’ve been shopping on registry lists quite a lot lately, which made me wish we’ve had “the American” wedding. Since there is no tradition of wedding registry in Russia, I feel like I’ve missed out on a great opportunity to score some beautiful dinnerware (‘coz let’s face it – when else would you treat yourself to a hundred-dollar plate?!).

So I’ve decided to put together my registry for “just in case” occasion…that is just in case I have extra $100 laying around. The first on the list would come the new DVF Home Collection. So fun and whimsy, it brings the memories of warm summer evenings…

…when you can pick a fresh bouquet,

…chase butterflies,

…gaze into the night sky laying on the beach,

…be creative and artsy,

…or try something new and unexpected.

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generate fun

January 14, 2011

The gift giving season might be over but I couldn’t leave unmentioned my new web find. Whether searching for inspiration or for a gift GENERATE has it all. Unique International Design is great but Unique International Design with a sense of humor is incredible. When hesitating what to give – skip a faceless gift cards, give something to smile at. And that’s truly a gift.

1. Teddy Bear Lamp – $149; 2. Crayon Rings (set of 8) – $49; 3. Butterfly Clock – $429; 4. Calf & Half – $29; 5. Vase Maker – $49.

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design fix: yarn wreath

December 19, 2010

My ultimate rainy day recipe is finishing all of you DIYs  (that you’ve been putting away till a rainy day) and watching old classics.  Taking into consideration that it’s been raining non-stop for 3 days already, I did just that.sometimes I think we had more rainy days here in LA, I would have been a more productive person overall :)

I’ve been wanting to do a yarn wreath for quite a while now so yesterday I finally sat down to do it over Funny Girl.

it started slowly… about hour and a half later,

I just LOVE the final result! What are you doing on your rainy/snowy days?


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gift wrapping ideas – part 2

December 18, 2010

We are getting down to the wire – one week till Christmas. While I have a few more gifts to buy, I can’t resist the pleasure to browse for some more gift wrapping ideas. I love the budget-friendly wrapping ideas, because honestly, after a shopping spree who wants to go and buy stuff that will be immediately tossed into the garbage after opening the gift, right? So here I’ve gathered ideas that employ scraps and bits of ribbon, paper, textiles as well as natural elements that you can easily pick up while walking a dog.  Simple and adorably cute!

Happy wrapping!

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xmas: bringing the manly back

December 16, 2010

As the last Christmas decor inspiration board I decided to challenge myself with the manly decor. I can totally see all those bachelors out there struggling to bring in the spirit home while keeping it cool. The ultimate key to keeping Christmas decor modern and manly is stepping away from the traditional stereotypes.

Starting with the unconventional Christmas tree – keep the shape but in charcoal gray and sparkle, while bringing the greens in accessories. I love the Embossed Pine Candle from Restoration Hardware, it will also brings a smell of the holidays. Enriching the white/gray/black pallet with metallic sparkle will entail the festive mood and faux fur adds a tad of wintery comfort. And to top it of I added the intellectual games accents, which always make a bachelor look like a good catch :)

1. Three Tabletop Cone Trees – $150; 2. Hour sand glass – $29.95; 3. Spin Ornaments – $35; 4. Bling Domino Set with Silver Croc Case – $19.95; 5. Platinum Horse Head – $195; 6. Frosted Foil Pillow Cover – $29.00; 7. Debut geometric pillow – $295; 8. Faux-Fur Throw – $119; 9. Egg Chair; 10. Gift Wrapping;  11. Holiday Home Embossed Pillar Candle; 12. Fog Linen Napkin – $14; 13. Platinum Drinkware – $70; 14. Chilewich Cubic Placemat – $7.

yarn wreaths

December 12, 2010

I’ve been in a crafty mood lately and I totally see a DIY project coming. What would it be? a yarn wreath, of course. I got so tired of the traditional tree branches look, and the yarn wreaths are so versatile – you can make them sleek and contemporary or go way out with ornaments, feathers and what not. And they are SO easy to do yourself too. Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy.

1, 2, 3, 4.

1, 2, 3, 4.

And how cute are these yarn balls, such a great contrast with shiny ornaments. 1, 2, 3, 4

wish list

December 11, 2010

I’ve been an awful good girl lately. Seriously, finished the thesis project 3 days before the final day…wow, talking about some holiday magic here. As a reward I decided “to shop around” for a wish list for me which would also fit any other interior design/fashion/beauty obsessed person in your life.

A girl can never have too many accessories. There are so many cutesies this season, so hard to cut down the choices :) And, in case you were interested, I can never resist a good design/arts book or two.

wish list 2010-2011

1. Cashmere shawl popover – $119; 2. Libellule – Brass Necklace – $24.95; 3. Faux Fur Scarf – $38; 4. Striped Sequin Tote – $59.50; 5. Pave Buckle Wrap Bracelet – $38; 6. Multi Chain Flower Choker – $44.50; 7. Chanel black Velvet Nail Polish – $25; 8.  Jeweled elastic flower belt – $49.50; 9. NARS Lipstick in HeatWave – $24; 10. Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love – $24.20; 11. My French Life by Vicki Archer – $23; 12. John Singer Sargent – $47.

xmas: tiffany twisted

December 8, 2010

So my Christmas tree is up but not decorated yet. While taking a breather, I went browsing for more Christmas inspirations. Tiffany blue decor is one of my absolute favorites and it makes me want to store two sets of  xmas decor so I could switch them around every year. It’s crisp, chic and is calling for a girls night out.

I kept it simple with toys, just 2 tones but played with textures: the combination of matte vs. gloss as well as pearl beaded ornaments. The easiest transformation bring ribbons, you can also layer silk and velvet ones. As for the tabletop, classics are in. I love how golden rims of the porcelain plates play off the sparkle of champagne. So Holly Golightly!

1. White and Turquoise Christmas Tree; 2. Two-Tone Turquoise Ornament (set of 4) – $4.50; 3.  Antropologie pearl ornament – $12;  4. Etched Mercury Cachepot – $10-$19; 5. Tiffany Entrance; 6. Silver-Plated Julep Cup – $24; 7. “Sparkle” Cake Dome & Pedestal – $190; 8. Dress It Up Ribbon – $12; 9. Marta Stewart Present Wreath; 10. Wine Enthusiast Flutes (set of 4) – $69.99; 11. Markham Capiz Placemat – $88; 12. “Milano” Dinnerware (4 plates) – $220.


xmas: folk affairs

December 6, 2010

Another inspirational board for your holiday decoration needs. I absolutely LOVE the simple folk theme as it shows that great design is not necessarily the expensive one.  It wakes up the craftiness in me, how fun would it be to actually have a pre-Christmas ornament making party with all of the friends.

Felt has been transforming the design world for quite a while now and my heart just melts when I see the cute little felt ornaments. Etsy is a great resource for those. Lots of woods and aged bronze give a real warmth and soul, while knits make you want to snuggle and cuddle (can’t get over the simple greatness of scarf wreath!).

Would you go for the simple Christmas? or does your heart crave the lavishness?

1. Scalloped Trees – $39-$79; 2. Millinocket Moose Ornament – $16; 3. Felt Wreath; 4. flora coaster tags pk 5 – $9.50; 5. Keepsake Bird Ornament; 6. Rattan Stars – $29-$39; 7. Rustic Bell Ornaments Set of 6 – $9.36; 8. Recycled Paper Garland – $28; 9. Mercury Animal Ornaments – $6.99-$9; 10. DIY Scarf Wreat; 11. Music Sheet Votive Holders – $36; 12. Natural Cocktail Napkins with White Monogram – $18; 13. Ceramic Imari Bowls – $59.

gift wrapping ideas – part 1

December 4, 2010

Driving by the shopping center in jealousy today, I know that all of you, wise plan-ahead people, are doing your holiday shopping these weekend (i’ve never seen that parking looked SO packed). So I’ve decided to bring  some gift wrapping ideas for your full satisfaction.

There are a few ideas that particularly speak to my heart.

1. Newspaper/Music Notepaper Wraps are my all time favorites. So casual, these are budget-friendly solutions and look so lovely with creative trimmings.

via country living

via country living

for how-to click

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2. Brown Bag Paper is another great last-minute idea. It is such a great back drop for an ornament, botanicals or practically anything cutesies you might fancy.

via compaicreative

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3. Candies. You cannot go wrong with them!

via country living

tissue paper is SO last year, drown my gift in candies!

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