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June 10, 2012

Ask and you shall receive and sometimes received BIG, in my case “Bolshoi” BIG. Just when I brought up being spontaneous, I managed to get 2 tickets to one of 5 sold-out performances of Swan Lake by Bolshoi Theater in LA … the night before the show. The newly-born spontaneity guru in me is having blast, the planner in me is terrified of me almost missing the one performance I was dying to see for a long time due to lack of organization and proper scheduling.

Needless to say, the performance was magnificent: immaculate techniques and out-of-worldly grace and elegance of the dancers; lavish costumes and, of course, the Music so powerful and consuming. Everything came together for a one in a life time experience.  Juxtaposition of love and  fate, beauty and passion, light and dark totally transfers you to a surreal world of imagination.

I give this one to the planner girl, I wish I had time to savor the anticipation a little bit more. May be one day (when I grow up:), I’ll actually get to experience this ultimate perfection of art on the home field, t.e. The Bolshoi Theater. After the remodel, it looks simply stunning. Quite an experience of its own.

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ready for a party….yay!

July 9, 2011

If you find nothing to do tomorrow afternoon, crush my party at Dockweiler Beach for a cup of pinkberry and long conversations by the fire. Yes, I’m officially turning “quarter century +1”, you do the math.

cannes edition

June 4, 2011

With the summer finally here, the vacation thoughts start creeping into the head whether you want it or not. And all of the latest Cannes-abomination doesn’t help at all. I flipped through the red carpet images (with the healthy dose of jealousy, I must say) and picked a few note-worthy looks. Now I know what to wear to the red carpet (when I finally get my invitation in the mail) – the deep blues! Long or short, they just bedazzle against the bright red!

…on the other hand, nude and pale colors work just as well if you have a proper sun-tan to pull it off. Ah, next year…for sure.

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oscar’s greenroom

February 26, 2011

I know you all are probably excited for the tomorrow’s Oscar show, so I decided to look behind the curtains into the Greenroom. Each year, AD selects a noted designer to transform a raw space into a backstage oasis for presenters and winners alike on Hollywood’s biggest night. This year, interior designer Michael S. Smith—who was appointed in 2010 by President Obama to the Committee for the Preservation of the White House—is the man for the job.

And this is what we got…
I mean…really? Well, it’s well done traditional space, but we talking about HOLLYWOOD and OSCARS!
C’mon, step it up a notch! After flipping through previous installations, I wasn’t impressed either.
81st Annual Academy Awards Greenroom by Stephen Shadley, 2009
80th Annual Academy Awards Greenroom by Carleton Varney, president of Dorothy Draper & Co, 2008
78th Annual Academy Awards Greenroom by Roy and Dorothy Christopher, 2006

So is it me or you’ve also expected something MORE…?

malibu wines

February 18, 2011

Still doubting whether or not should I disclose the best kept secret place in LA. I wish I could keep it all to myself. Malibu Wines winery is just perfect in all ways: it is a little quite place away from the hustle of the city, with live music on the weekends and delicious wine list. So we went there on yet another sunny California weekend (sorry East Coast for bragging), this time to celebrate my hubby’s B-day with a little picnic.

My favorite yellow truck, I would totally drive it if I lived in a countryside.

Since they sell only wine there, we brought some snacks and I set up a picnic table

Everybody loved my little newspaper pockets filled with popcorn, veggie chips, fruit and nuts.

We had such an amazing and relaxing time. Can’t wait for the rain to be over so we could go again.

Thanks to my dear friend for taking such lovely pictures. Great memories!


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victorian weird curiousities bash

October 30, 2010

Even thought I don’t have any fun plans these Halloween weekend (except SPOOKtaculart AutoCAD!), I imagine my dream party to be something of a mixture of Victorian Naturalist and traveling Gypsy with all of the weird curiosities involved.

I love how these black and white wallpaper prints transform the whole room in an instant, making a regular room look like a mysterious place while the trompe l’oeil effect adds to the weirdness factor. 

The details are very important: cloches, vintage botanical/animal prints, collectibles and lots of velvets.

And the food, of course. I love these fun ideas of transforming everyday dishes into BOOtiful treats.

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rhode island wedding

October 27, 2010

Rhode Island was my first glimpse of America 6 years ago when I came visiting with my friends for the summer. So when I saw the coverage of this all-girls-dreamy wedding in RI, I had somewhat nostalgic feelings. With an amazing scenery of bays and ocean views, RI was THE place to be during the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. And with all of the newly born New York aristocracy flocking in, there has been some magnificent architectural pieces created which we can marvel at today.

Ocean House is the one of those and is a perfect back-drop for the most special day.

I love how stylists from TRUE Event incorporated the color palette of the building into the wedding decor, it looks so effortlessly chic and natural.  Deep turquoise and citrusy yellow are so fresh and vivid together. Click here to read the full story behind this day.

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chateau marmont asid party

October 6, 2010

Last Thursday I was lucky to attend the ASID Installation of Chapter Officers and Chapter Awards Party at Chateau Marmont. Besides the pleasure of mingling among the Board members, design professionals and industry partners over wine and hors d’oeuvres, the settings were quite ah-spiring. Hidden behind the greenery this classic has a long history of celebrity inhabitants and there everybody is somebody. Having spent a short time in lobby helping with the party guests to check-in I came across John Malkovich and even threw in a few words with Sharon Stone, who is even more stunning in reality.

But the real culmination was the Penthouse Suite where the Party was hosted. The 3,000 sq.ft suite features 2 bedrooms, full kitchen ,dining room, large living room and 1,500 sq.ft patio (seriously, that’s the size of most people’s apartments) overlooking the whole Hollywood. Since I forgot my camera (bummer!), thanks to my friend Denise Pan who kindly took the pictures of the suite so I can share them with you.



Rex Reed and Raquel Webb on the terace of room 64


And here’s me and Mia Porter, the president of out ASID UCLA Ext. Student Chapter as well as the newly elected Student Rep. chair in the ASID LA Office. Congrats Mia, you well deserved it! <images via and>

legends of la cienega

May 12, 2010

Finally have a moment to breathe in after the intense weekend with all the design fabulousness here in LA. Legends of La Cienega is a 2nd annual two-day gala of interior design in the heart of West Hollywood sponsored by Elle Decor, featuring lots of board discussions, book signings, cocktail parties and what not. But the real show stopper is  the window displays of all the showrooms on La Cienega which are decorated by interior and set designers to channel a certain theme/idea. This year inspiration is Hollywood movies. Jill from Material Girls did such a great job capturing all of those, so I won’t be redundant and post a few pics of my own of the discussions I had a pleasure to attend.

East Meets West Panel: Pamela Jaccarino, Editor in Chief, Luxe Interiors + Design; Virgil McDowell,architect;  Mary MacDonald, interior designer; Joe Nye,  interior designer; Lisa Fine and Carolina Irving of Irving & Fine.

Design Diaries Panel: Alexandria Abramian-Mott, Editor in Chief, Angeleno Interiors; Gregory Han, Apartment Therapy LA; Cassandra Lavalle, Coco+Kelly; Joy Cho, Oh Joy!; Janet Hall, Remodelista.

Setting the Mood with hilarious Robert Verdi

Most of the discussions looked like this for me as I was constantly late to grab a front spot since I couldn’t stop browsing through amazing showrooms.

Vintage Lineage Panel: Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief, Elle Decor; Chris Barrett, interior designer; Catherine Malandrino, fashion designer; Cameron Silver, founder of Decades. <images via me>