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5D by oppenheim

November 20, 2011

Some images possess the 5D powers. Like these out-of-the-world renderings of the award-winning Wadi Rum Resort in Jordan by super-talented team of Oppenheim Architecture + Design.

We all know what 3D is, so the 4th D is for the sound and feel of the swooping sand between the mountains which I can swear you get just by looking at this presentation. And the 5th D I give for the incredible peaceful and relaxing after-taste that is left with you, it’s almost like going on a mini vacation. Don’t you agree?

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ecooler chill

March 23, 2011

Living in LA one has to use AC on the regular basis, there’s just no way around it. Period. But am I the only one who hates the stream of dry air pouring straight in you face (not even talking about all the dust and allergens it brings with it)?

Well, apparently I’m not alone in the AC-loath. A product design company Studio Kahn developed a new cooling system called Ecooler, which not only looks great but works without any energy.

How do they do it? The Ecooler system is constructed of interconnecting modular three-dimensional tile made of hollow, twisting ceramic piping that can hold water. The system combines two traditional elements – the jara and the mashrabiya. The mashrabiya is a characteristic element of Islamic architecture, found mostly in Arab countries, including in many of the traditional homes of Cairo.  It serves as a breathing screen between the street and the inner courtyard or home and enables the passage of air and light.  The jara serves to cool the water in clay containers by water seepage and evaporation from the outer surface, as with the human body’s perspiration system. By integrating both of these systems, increasing the inner surface and use of traditional materials, they have created a screen that serves as a natural, ecological cooling system.

Sounds great to me. Wonder if it would work for crazy hot summers in LA.


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sporeborne by anna garforth and eleanor stevens

June 12, 2010

Urban land artists, Guerilla gardeners, Green graffiti extraordinaires…however you call this two, the art that comes out of this collaboration is  simply unbelievable. It’s deep, it’s inspiriting, it’s beautiful and, yes, they do it by hand.  Spreading the eco-message  and sparkling  questioning El&Abe, as the duo is known, have been showcasing their work all over Europe.

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abc kitchen

June 9, 2010

It’s impossible not to like ABC carpet and home. Mixing fresh and old, ethnic and international, the New York-based Company has something for everyone. And with the new restaurant opened in New York, they are going beyond pleasing our style cravings.

abc kitchen with jean-georges focuses on delivering everything organic, local, sustainable, humanely treated, fair traded, free of  pesticides, hormones and synthetic fertilizers and all other good stuff. And they do it with chic, too earning spectacular reviews on both design and food. Integrating different natural textures with a little New York sparkle, the space lures with warmth and welcome.

abc kitchen taps into the leadership and expertise of the abc home curation, featuring sustainable, local, artisan indigenous, salvaged, recycled and goodwood stories. these include found, salvaged, reclaimed & recycled building materials; handmade porcelain dinnerware 
by local artisan jan burtz; bread baskets handcrafted by the indigenous mapuche people of patagonia; 
salvaged wood tables handcrafted by local artisan jim denney; steel and concrete installations 
by local artisan eric slayton; a venetian plaster wall and mirrors painted, etched, and collaged by local artisans;
a rooftop garden that provides herbs and micro-greens; soy-based candles that are free of pesticides,
GMOs & additives; and all organic cleaning products.

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vertical garden wall by patrick blanc

June 6, 2010

As I’m working on my Thesis project, I’ve been awfully drawn to all sorts of inspirations from nature. Here’s another one, which have influenced me a LOT. Patrick Blanc, a French landscape architect, is a  developer of the concept of the vertical garden. Quoting his website,  vertical gardens “rely on the new way of growing plants without any soil. … The vertical garden can be implemented  outdoor or indoor, in any climatic environment. For indoor location, an artificially lighting is usually required. Watering and fertilization are automated. The Vertical Garden acts as a  phonic and thermal isolation system. It is also an air purification device”.

And it’s GORGEOUS. A much-needed oasis in our hectic lives.

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aircruise in a floating hotel?!

February 20, 2010

How would you like to take a cruise in a air-hotel?! If this design concept will come to reality, we would be able (or at least the wealthy ones) to have and amazing experience of sky cruising in a new luxurious resort.

The Aircruise is a radical new design that promises to accommodate guests in a 265-meter tall hotel that could float above city skylines or over dramatic landscapes according to its designers at Seymourpowell.

It’s not a simple plane to get from A to B as fast as possible but for those you would like to enjoy incredible city and landscapes and relax in the  luxurious apartments with the breathtaking views. Too bad only 10 apartments will be available for rent.

Are you ready to slow down and enjoy ride of your lifetime?!!

Tour the Aircruise here

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drowning in the sea of GREEN

January 26, 2010

I’ve been thinking lately about the word GREEN and since when it’s become a label without a concept behind. How green should a product be to be considered GREEN? How do you measure the GREEN-ness? And who’s responsible for giving away this title? Anyways, the further I go in my contemplations the more confused I become.

Everybody want s to save the Planet but how do you do it? It seems like every other product now is “GREEN” so may be we shouldn’t even try harder? And we, as designers, have even heavier weight on our shoulders since we are resposible to make those choices, so we are supposed to know. Hopefully, the help is here.

ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) is hosting a Webinar “Don’t Get Lost in a Sea of “Green””. The webinar should equip us with the criteria to look for when choosing GREEN materials.

It’s open for everybody and it’s FREE. So click on the link below to register and devote hour and a half for the good cause. See you there.

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 1 – 2:30 p.m. EST
Register Now.

the venus project

November 2, 2009

Can you imagine our society without money and shopping. Where everybody has everything one needs, where you don’t have to go to work and can do/learn/create whatever you like in your free time.

Well, you don’t have to torture your imagination with that because a group of people already developed the idea. The idea of resource-based society instead of money-based one. They prove that when depositing all the energy and resources (that people put now in generating monetary profits, war and politics) into technological innovations we can create that perfect world utilizing all the natural resources without any harm to the environment.

The Venus Project is the plan for the future self-sustained cities where one has everything one needs. Headed by JACQUE FRESCO, a93 -year old industrial designer and social engineer, the Venus project partnered up with The Zeitgeist Movement. Together they try to change the way people perceive our society and  open our eyes on manipulative political and financial systems.

Check out this  12 min video on the Venus project architecture and technological planning if the future cities. For the full insight on their philosophy  watch the movie “ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM” and you’ll be shocked how good those on top have you tied up.

Part 1

Part 2


future city mobility

October 28, 2009

While working on another project I came across “future city mobility” concept, the winner of Seymour Powell Award (an absolutely MIND-blowing product design company). Four buddies from Royal College of Art developed this great idea make our lives more fun and GREEN. Here’s how Marten Wallgren, one of the designers, describes their concept:

“Our concept was to create a car-free-zone in the central of London, called London Garden. Inside this zone we developed a system created around bicycles. Allowing a special designed bicycle/scooter to be well-integrated with the infrastructure aswell as becoming a part of the interior of the busses and taxis…In fact, the energy that you create while biking is used as a currency while docking the bicycle into the bus or taxi.”

Green energy sa the money?! I’m in! Take a minute to look through entire project, I guarantee you’ll be blown away. The guy was hired by Toyota..that says something.