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the dream vacay: part 1

November 2, 2011

I promised to share, once I get back to normal I finally went through trillion of snaps and put together a little collage of the first stop of our dreamy vacation this last September.

We’ve spent an incredible 5 days in the most beautiful city in the world and it felt more like a teaser for the future come-backs. You really can’t have enough of that place no matter how long you stay there.

Now I have to say something in my defense. You say: “Beret, stripe top and Eiffel Tower. Could you be any more innovative?”.  And I say: “Please, let the girl get it out of the system right away!”.  I’ve DONE all of the clichés and I’m PROUD of it!

Even if Paris wouldn’t have had a single site to see, the food and long walks would still lit the lights!

Macarooooons! Need I say more?!

Style vs. Comfort?! It was never a question for me. If you have to suffer in order to wear THOSE shoes, then this will be it! Practicing what I preach, I was teh only one climbing the stairs of the Eiffel Tower in hills.  But at the end of the day after walking the streets, the gilded halls, then streets again and some more gilded halls even I gave up. So, YES we did wrinkle the perfectly groomed Versailles lawns.

PS. Honey, thank you for letting me borrow you stylishly comfy sneakers! Love ya!

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out of reality

September 17, 2011

Dear reality,

I just want to let you know that I’ll be out of you till October 8th. Where will I be? In my dream wonderland, of course. Feeding on macaroons, taking in the beauty and glittering in the lights of the city. Please, don’t bother getting a hold of me: no emails, texts or calls. They don’t have social networks here.

Au Revior! I’ll miss you…hmmm, not really.

<images via fabulously talented Irene Suchocki>

i’m there…

September 13, 2011

in my dreams so far, but soon to be reality. Can’t wait!

dreaming of: provence

July 30, 2011

After finally buying the tickets to a certain long-wished-for European vacation, my head seems to permanently transport itself into the dreamland at any spare moment. And the current dreamland looks something like these.

Or even more so…exactly like these…………

After brief calculations with a sober mind, I ended up with the following sad conclusion: At my current salary rate I’ll need at least 100 years to be able to afford anything close to this. Oh wait, I forgot to do dollar-to-euro exchange! I guess I’ll stop by calculation at this, back to dream land :)))))

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happy summer…finally

July 6, 2011

How an Angeleno knows that the summer is here?… by checking one’s calendar and not finding a single weekend open for the next few months. Between B-day parties (and one of my own), pool parties, BBQs and roadtrips, it’s almost impossible to find a minute to actually realize that we are almost midway through summer.

We opened up the summer season with a few roadtrips to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Areas. With the temperatures much milder than LA and over 200 wineries, the region has become a favorite of ours and I see us coming back there quite soon again for the dose of that certain something  that makes Californian cows so happy.

I forgot to mention miles and miles of stunning beach lines. There’s also a certain opulence to enjoy, where too much of a good thing is even better. …and a sweeping wind in the hair that takes all the worries away. One said it’s the happiest place on earth and it’s definitely one of mine now.

<images vie moi>

walking in charleston, sc

May 7, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve made a “walking in…” post. Well, the only places I’ve been walking in recently were grocery stores and same old sightseeing places in LA with gazillion guest visitors last month. But last weekend we were so lucky to go for a wedding trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

To say that I was excited is to say nothing. I LOVE historic architecture and we don’t have it much here in LA. Charleston was founded in mid-17th century with tons of treasures to explore. Needless to say I was completely enchanted with charming little street, white porches and intimate gardens of residences, and southern food with its buttery sauces.

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welcome to my place

September 25, 2010

It’s about time to invite you all on a quick tour of my native town. Shadrinsk (I actually can’t believe that someone was kind enough to create the Wikipedia page for it:) is a small town lost somewhere by the border between Europe and Asia. As one of my school instructors said, if you close your eyes and throw a dart in the map of Russia, it ‘ll be somewhere there.  Founded in 1662, it was a trade point during the monarchy.

But what I really like and miss the most is the nature: lush forests, rivers and lakes, mineral water.

What I really wanted to focus on the most during my last visit is the architecture. Nothing major there but we do have a few buildings left from the 19th-early 20th centuries, which really give the town its charm. These brick beauties as if still carry the pride and honor of their once wealthy trade masters. I really wanted to capture the buildings before they turn into these… It makes me so sad to see the history being abandoned while instead we are rushing to build the faceless concrete boxes.

Anyways, what you really want to look for when visiting a small Russian town is the window legend. Literary, old windows have some legends. Look at these incredible woodwork which is unique and made by hand. So if you ever in that area – drop me a line, my mom is always happy to meet the guests.

<images via me>

walking in residential sacramento

May 26, 2010

For me the best part of Sacramento is its residential part. Rarely I see such a perfect combination of beautiful architecture dawning in greenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

I started my trip with the tour of the Governor’s Mansion. With the rich history behind, the place is like a time machine where you can see the transfer of style from Victorian to the 50s turquoise kitchen. 

Leland Stanford Mansion was just as impressive if not more. Unfortunately no photography is allowed inside. 

As for the mere mortals, they have nothing to complain about. The regular streets are full of old charms.

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walking in downtown sacramento

May 26, 2010

Being a soccer wife does have some benefits. Besides witnessing games’ highlights live, every now and then we get the unplanned road trips. So last weekend we went to Sacramento (hence the lack of posts). Surprisingly small town (for the capital of California), it possesses such an irresistible charm that I couldn’t help but snuck out in between the games to just walk the streets and take it all in.

Sacramento’s architecture is a clad of Victorian, Colonial, American Federalist, Greek and all sorts of Classical Revivals. Yum! Needless to say that my whole historical entity was having a blast.

Capitol Building (1861 – 1874)

California Western Life Building (now Citizen Hotel) – 1925

Ruhstaller Building – 1898

Masonic Temple – 1920

Elk Building – 1926

Pioneer Hall – 1868 and Merchant National Bank – 1921

Old Sacramento

<images via me>

wish you were here…

January 6, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone…with a HUGE delay as I got lost walking in the winter wonderland. Last minute ski trip change from Mammoth CA to Vail CO was the best decision of 2009! Picture perfect slopes, woods and fresh powder were everything that a California soul can dream of for the holidays…heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi didn’t hurt either. Here’s a little “wish-you-were-here” postcard. 

And, of course, couldn’t miss on some of the village architecture pics.

Hope everyone had a great time too. Now I’m back with my daily posts.