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…but they are sooo comfy

October 26, 2011

Now that the temperatures start going down lower and lower, every true LA girl faces the question again: “To UGG or not to UGG?”

Watch this before committing!

i’m back…at least my body is

October 15, 2011

3 weeks ha? Do you ever get a feeling like you’ve been away for the whole lifetime but somehow have been brainwashed so you don’t remember a thing of the past few weeks. Well…this is how I feel, only the half-unpacked suitcases and a luggage-smashed box of macaroons bring some vague memories of another life. Another life where everything was drenched in sun and sugar, where the mornings were lazy and streets smelled of fresh bread, where reality was finally better than the dreams and I’ve never before felt so alive.

And all I want to do now is curl up in bed so none of these escapes me, so I can hold on to this for as long as possible.

I promise to share some of it soon, just need to finish unpacking first.

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