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dreaming of: provence

July 30, 2011

After finally buying the tickets to a certain long-wished-for European vacation, my head seems to permanently transport itself into the dreamland at any spare moment. And the current dreamland looks something like these.

Or even more so…exactly like these…………

After brief calculations with a sober mind, I ended up with the following sad conclusion: At my current salary rate I’ll need at least 100 years to be able to afford anything close to this. Oh wait, I forgot to do dollar-to-euro exchange! I guess I’ll stop by calculation at this, back to dream land :)))))

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summer wishes

July 17, 2011

The image below completely stole my heart, it impersonates everything that I’ve been craving for this summer: flowing flowery dresses (maxi please), belted summer blazers, nude wedges on the wood sole, ginger hues to the hair. While I’ve got my hands on most of the items on the list, a girl can never have too many dresses, right?!

The rest of the editorial is no less than aspiring as well. Coincidentally, it has a dreamy Chinese garden as a backdrop, something to draw inspiration from for the two Chinese hotel projects I’ve been working on.

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love stoned

July 13, 2011

I’ve learned the hard way to never…NEVER….post something on the blog if you are seriously thinking of buying it for yourself. Buy it first – then post about it, otherwise you risk a “sold out” disappointment. So I open up a secret, I did treat myself to a certain birthday gift from the below list before showing all the cards.

Anyways, I’ve been love stoned for quite a while now, especially with so many lovely options to choose from.

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ready for a party….yay!

July 9, 2011

If you find nothing to do tomorrow afternoon, crush my party at Dockweiler Beach for a cup of pinkberry and long conversations by the fire. Yes, I’m officially turning “quarter century +1”, you do the math.

happy summer…finally

July 6, 2011

How an Angeleno knows that the summer is here?… by checking one’s calendar and not finding a single weekend open for the next few months. Between B-day parties (and one of my own), pool parties, BBQs and roadtrips, it’s almost impossible to find a minute to actually realize that we are almost midway through summer.

We opened up the summer season with a few roadtrips to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Areas. With the temperatures much milder than LA and over 200 wineries, the region has become a favorite of ours and I see us coming back there quite soon again for the dose of that certain something  that makes Californian cows so happy.

I forgot to mention miles and miles of stunning beach lines. There’s also a certain opulence to enjoy, where too much of a good thing is even better. …and a sweeping wind in the hair that takes all the worries away. One said it’s the happiest place on earth and it’s definitely one of mine now.

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