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modern barn

June 18, 2011

One thing I’ve notice about myself, once my life get a bit hectic I tend to crave simple and clean design. While minimal design seems easy to achieve, it’s the most complex one. With just a few materials and limited key features, it is less forgiving and requires to be thought through completely to the last detail.

Architect Michael Kovac and interior designer Trip Haenisch managed to do just that in collaboration with Courtney Cox for the remodel of her Malibu house.

Concise and airy it creates a perfect vibe for the modern barn vibe desired by C.Cox. And living in Malibu one needs plenty of the outdoor spaces to enjoy the scenery.

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in the eyes of the beholder

June 6, 2011

One of today’s vendor presentations reminded me of a certain beauty I can’t get enough of …

you say “art”, I say “wallcovering by Fromental

cannes edition

June 4, 2011

With the summer finally here, the vacation thoughts start creeping into the head whether you want it or not. And all of the latest Cannes-abomination doesn’t help at all. I flipped through the red carpet images (with the healthy dose of jealousy, I must say) and picked a few note-worthy looks. Now I know what to wear to the red carpet (when I finally get my invitation in the mail) – the deep blues! Long or short, they just bedazzle against the bright red!

…on the other hand, nude and pale colors work just as well if you have a proper sun-tan to pull it off. Ah, next year…for sure.

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