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dreaming of…

March 25, 2011

I’m so looking forward to the first weekend in three years of doing-nothingness. All the finals are behind, how exciting is that! At the same time it feels a little weird not to have a big goal ahead, being a planner by nature this situation makes me anxious. So I’ve decided to start planning the next “BIG THING”. A European vacation! While I’m positively sure which country I want to visit next, the schedule availability doesn’t look that bright at all. Oh well, I’ll start planning anyways…with the perfect wardrobe for a perfect European Vacation. No schedule can deprive a girl of dreaming about it

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elizabeth taylor

March 25, 2011

Harper’s Bazaar has put together a beautiful fashion tribute to the gone star. It feels like the last piece of the perfect picture of Hollywood’s Golden Age has shattered. They just don’t make them like these anymore.

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ecooler chill

March 23, 2011

Living in LA one has to use AC on the regular basis, there’s just no way around it. Period. But am I the only one who hates the stream of dry air pouring straight in you face (not even talking about all the dust and allergens it brings with it)?

Well, apparently I’m not alone in the AC-loath. A product design company Studio Kahn developed a new cooling system called Ecooler, which not only looks great but works without any energy.

How do they do it? The Ecooler system is constructed of interconnecting modular three-dimensional tile made of hollow, twisting ceramic piping that can hold water. The system combines two traditional elements – the jara and the mashrabiya. The mashrabiya is a characteristic element of Islamic architecture, found mostly in Arab countries, including in many of the traditional homes of Cairo.  It serves as a breathing screen between the street and the inner courtyard or home and enables the passage of air and light.  The jara serves to cool the water in clay containers by water seepage and evaporation from the outer surface, as with the human body’s perspiration system. By integrating both of these systems, increasing the inner surface and use of traditional materials, they have created a screen that serves as a natural, ecological cooling system.

Sounds great to me. Wonder if it would work for crazy hot summers in LA.


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tavern flair

March 21, 2011

On my last day of internship at HBA a good friend of mine treated me to a lunch at the long-loved spot in Brentwood, Tavern. From the moment I walked in I couldn’t stop gasping at the ambiance of it. Opened by award-wining chef and restaurateur Suzanne Goin and designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks, the space seems to epitomize everything I long for both  in design and in food recently. Elevated French Provincial style all to the little details, fresh organic ingredients, rustic breads and French desserts in any form and shape. Take me there any day, any time…

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and I’m back!

March 17, 2011

I missed you guys! But I really feel like I’ve accomplished something…well, almost. Only one more final to go and I’ll pocket my second Masters. Don’t cha think I’ve deserved a little treat, like these TINY donuts may be…or something else with sprinkles on top?

I’ve heard that sugar helps to restore all the nerve sells destroyed but the sleepless night! Or have I just made it up…

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a few days off

March 7, 2011

Between final weeks of school (2 weeks left!), internship, meetings and family arrangements, my life is spinning  faster than ever before. So I’m officially taking few days off from blogging to clear my head and get organized! Such a shame, since I have tons of new design discoveries I wanted to share with you all…that if can find them since my place starts to look like in the Alberta Ferretti editorial.

And yes, you guessed right, that girl sleeping with a book is me preparing for the finals.

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black crow studios

March 5, 2011

What can be better than a wallpaper? A custom wallpaper made especially for you! Black Crow Studios offer just that. No same pattern repeat, just pure art mural that exactly fits your needs. Isn’t it just dreamy, or am I too crazy in love with wallpapers?!

All the designs above are hand drawn, photographed or painted by Tracy Hinter herself. But also features works of other incredibly talented artist. Don’t you just love the nostalgic European photocards wallpaper! Just want to wrap myself in it.

Keep dancing to the Roisin Murphy’s Ruby blue, the soundtrack on their website.

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