take me away

I’m officially stating a new kind of disorder – a post-vacational depression. Is it only me or you too feel like you need a week or two off after a vacation. Trying to move slowly into the new year’s busy life, I’ve only got more stuff piling up on my shoulders. So I’m already burned out even before my last semester at school started.

At this moments my mind takes me away to my perfect world, a place where I’m always happily smiling and have nothing to worry about except which swim suite to wear today. For the past 2 years this place has been Mykonos, Greece. Since our trip there 2 years ago, I’ve never been that carelessly and deliriously happy anywhere else.

Charming tiny quite streets by day turn into an absolutely best night clubs/lounges by night combining two of my passions: for historic architecture and for dancing till dawn.

And not that I haven’t enjoyed staying in a small family-owned pension, but in my dream world I’m permanently residing in luxurious Cavo Tagoo.

where am I staying? at the Golden Villa with a private pool, of course

What is you perfect world hide away place?


<images via me and www.cavotagoo.gr>


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