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swirling skirts

January 31, 2011

Nothing says carelessness more than swirling skirts in the meadows! It reminds me how badly I’m overdue on reconnecting with nature. A hike or a day at the beach (I wonder if a trip to a winery would count?)… and a big skirts to swirl in.

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happy sunday

January 30, 2011

How true it is that you realize the true value of something only in comparison. I think never before had I enjoyed a weekend so much as this one, after a very busy week. With the sun pouring in through the windows, cooking and cleaning aren’t chores any more, just relaxing, almost meditative, activities under the jazz tunes.

Hope you too will find beauty in simple pleasures today.

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marchesa, please…

January 29, 2011

All this red-carpetness craze going on lately made me dream about my perfect gown. If I were to walk down red carpet in a nearest future I would have worn Marchesa and Marchesa only. With all those incredible choices I bet even Hollywood would have run out of red carpets for me to walk on.

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nikolas weinstein studios

January 25, 2011

File cleaning isn’t always a bad thing…it’s an opportunity to re-discover long forgotten or dig up something new. And my latest find absolutely brightened my otherwise dusty filing day. Prepare, what you are about to see is a space transforming amaziness. A San Francisco based Nikolas Weinstein Studios take the design possibilities to the next level of imaginable. Good to know that now your imagination REALLY is your limit. Speechless…

check their website here to find out how they do what they do.

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let’s make it work

January 24, 2011

Hope your work week has started out strong and productive. To be honest, I could use a little motivation as I’m hanging by the thread of getting officially sick. I would totally switch a dusty office for this sunny outdoors as a working space now.

Let’s squeeze a little play into all-work week …

and some piece of mind.



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herringbone love

January 22, 2011

I’ve been in love with herringbone pattern for quite a while now. I feel like it brings just the right note of masculinity and sophistication to any space.  I even acquired this lovely wool coat in subtle herringbone to keep me warm thought out this rainy winter. And as the days get warmer and warmer I already start missing my coat. Good thing I found this herringbone throws and blanket from Serena and Lily, great substitute for the coat to cuddle in on summer nights.

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a girl on the run

January 19, 2011

Boy, has this year started out strong! I’ve been running around from dawn till dusk lately really pushing the boundaries of my human capacity. There are quite a few exiting parts to it too though, it is my LAST semester in school and by the end of March I’ll get my second Masters, this time in Interior Architecture! Yay! And another news is that I’ve started an internship at Hirsch Bedner Associates, which is amazing. I still can’t narrow down the list of my favorites on HBA portfolio to fit it into a post. But it’ll be coming soon!

As for now, I keep on running  and wishing I looked just as glamorous doing it (transferring on the early morning shift hasn’t made me any prettier).

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white danish simplisity

January 15, 2011

I spotted Tine Kjeldsen‘s Danish house at Desire to Inspire and fell in love. White gloss paint all around creates such modern envelope filled with rustic woods and vintage furniture for the perfect tad of warmth. I love the monochromness of the spaces, quite fitting to a busy family life-style, it would always look some-what organized.

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generate fun

January 14, 2011

The gift giving season might be over but I couldn’t leave unmentioned my new web find. Whether searching for inspiration or for a gift GENERATE has it all. Unique International Design is great but Unique International Design with a sense of humor is incredible. When hesitating what to give – skip a faceless gift cards, give something to smile at. And that’s truly a gift.

1. Teddy Bear Lamp – $149; 2. Crayon Rings (set of 8) – $49; 3. Butterfly Clock – $429; 4. Calf & Half – $29; 5. Vase Maker – $49.

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take me away

January 13, 2011

I’m officially stating a new kind of disorder – a post-vacational depression. Is it only me or you too feel like you need a week or two off after a vacation. Trying to move slowly into the new year’s busy life, I’ve only got more stuff piling up on my shoulders. So I’m already burned out even before my last semester at school started.

At this moments my mind takes me away to my perfect world, a place where I’m always happily smiling and have nothing to worry about except which swim suite to wear today. For the past 2 years this place has been Mykonos, Greece. Since our trip there 2 years ago, I’ve never been that carelessly and deliriously happy anywhere else.

Charming tiny quite streets by day turn into an absolutely best night clubs/lounges by night combining two of my passions: for historic architecture and for dancing till dawn.

And not that I haven’t enjoyed staying in a small family-owned pension, but in my dream world I’m permanently residing in luxurious Cavo Tagoo.

where am I staying? at the Golden Villa with a private pool, of course

What is you perfect world hide away place?


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