gift wrapping ideas – part 2

We are getting down to the wire – one week till Christmas. While I have a few more gifts to buy, I can’t resist the pleasure to browse for some more gift wrapping ideas. I love the budget-friendly wrapping ideas, because honestly, after a shopping spree who wants to go and buy stuff that will be immediately tossed into the garbage after opening the gift, right? So here I’ve gathered ideas that employ scraps and bits of ribbon, paper, textiles as well as natural elements that you can easily pick up while walking a dog.  Simple and adorably cute!

Happy wrapping!

<images via 1, 2, 3, 4>



One Response to “gift wrapping ideas – part 2”

  1. Joe Says:

    This book has some of the best gift wrapping tips and ideas I’ve ever seen.This Christmas, I was getting bored wrapping gifts the same old way, so I began surfing for some ideas to spice it up a little. This book did not disappoint. It has ideas for all skill levels, and uses materials that are widely available. It also has great wrapping ideas for gifts with…

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