dream dress vs. beekman palace

Sometimes there’s no need to search for the dream dress, it comes to you itself. Like this one came in a form of December Harper’s Bazaar editorial of Iman (God, she looks amazing).  The Valentino gown is truly to die for but I have a feeling that Santa is not that generous so I’ll have to scratch this one off my list. Ah, a girl can dream…

The backdrop of the shoot is an even competitor with the dress. The Abandoned Beekman Palace, built in 1882, is a  landmark in lower Manhattan and, rumor has it, will be restored to a glamorous hotel. It’ about time, right?! Can’t believe that such a gem has been in disrepair for over a decade since 1940s. Hope to stay there one day as the interiors are just breathtaking!

Beekman Palace has become a true internet sensation and has got  nicknamed  as “the most stunning atrium in NY”, it opens up to 9 stories above.

Click HERE for the full photo-coverage of the building by Scouting NY.  Trust me, you DON’T want to miss that!


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