dreaming of a white christmas

That’s it, I can’t wait any more so I’m opening the season of Christmas/New Year’s decoration posts. Yay! Oh, this is my favorite time of all since you don’t need an excuse to go all out in home decor. So I’ve prepared a series of posts on different decoration styles.

I decided to start with the white icy feel. It’s easy to make it look too cold and austere with all of the glass and glitter. The key is to play it off with fabrics: my to-go choices area white knits and crochet (i love the combination of beaded and crochet pillows below). Another way to mix up the white cleanliness is to layer it up with vintage. For the mood board below I used vintage mirrored glass ornaments and white wash vintage china, which brings a nostalgic and warm ambiance.

So what are you thoughts on the white-on-white decor? Would you go for it?

1. Silver Antiqued Glass Ornaments – set of 4 – $27; 2. Winter Berry Branch Wreath – $64.95; 3. Crystal Beaded 16″ Pillow – $49.95; 4. Chrysanthemum Pillow 18″ – White – $49.95; 5. Sequin Animals – set of 3 – $14.99; 6. Optic Finial Clear Ornaments Set of Four – set of 4 – $15.80; 7. Down The Rabbit Hole Centerpiece – $798.

<set images via here and here>


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