rob wynne glass art

I stumbled upon Rob Wynne glass art installations and was immediately blown away. Besides the incredible sense of humor, it possesses such a captivating dimensionality and makes you stop and stare. “Teardrops” stole my heart.

Artificial Paradise, Installation View. 2009 JGM.Galerie. Paris, France

My another favorite is poured and  mirrored glass text. My designer juices are boiling with ideas for its application.

An Orchid in the Land of Technology, 2007. Poured & mirrored glass. DIOR Permanent Installation (headquarters Ave. Montaigne Paris, France)

Dior - Plaza 66. Shanghai, China (permanent installation) 2010

Love Sick, 2010. poured and mirrored glass. 36"x 27"

In the Air, 2009.Poured & mirrored glass. 53" x 30"

<images via, also here and here>



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