happy thanksgiving!

Hey there! I’ve been out for a while again. I guess the holiday fever and thesis final combined are destined for a burn-out.  But I must say I’ve really enjoyed a much-needed time off with the family, thanks to my husband mostly, who took on the dinner organizational part and found the recipes.   After a day of cooking, it was such a blessing to see family and friends get together for a good meal and a chat.

I’m so happy that I’ve got a chance to give back this season…at least a little bit. Last week some gals from UCLA Extension and me headed downtown for the furniture assembly volunteer day for Downtown Women Center. It was such a heart ache to face the reality of homelessness in Downtown of LA when only a few block away  there are these sizzling blocks with new restaurants opening every month. But at the same time I felt so inspired to see that little people like us REALLY can make  a difference with small consistent efforts.

Downtown Women Center is a non-profit organization sheltering homeless and extremely low-income women, providing meals, medical care and permanent housing. Having acquired a new building a few years ago, the center is now ready to open with the Grand Celebration on December 10th.  Stop by if you are in the area.

There’s more volunteer help needed on Dec.4th to prep the space for the opening, email me for details

<image via me>


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