fall for zara fall

I must confess I’m absolutely smitten with ZARA’s fall/winter collection 2010.  Event acquiring 2 pairs of pans and a blouse didn’t satisfy my cravings (while totally busted my monthly budget). They have exactly everything that i love about fall dress code: lots of neutrals, classic wool coats (especially in herring bone pattern…ah!) and layers…lots of layers. Layering is why fall is my favorite season.  Same old cardigan can look so fresh and in season, when paired up with a silky dress and knitted stockings. Anyways, here are a FEW of my “must-haves” from ZARA.

<images via www.zara.com>


2 Responses to “fall for zara fall”

  1. anastasiakudrashova Says:

    Zara burns a little hole in my wallet just about every time I step inside a store…

    • designapothecary Says:

      I feel you girl. Even my shopping strategy “think about it and come back in a week if you REALLY like it” doesn’t work. If you come back in a week the item is usually gone. So you HAVE to get NOW!

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