fall preserved

I know, I know…winter holiday’s theme starts creeping in into blogs and store fronts but I’m always trying to drag the time out at this time of the year. I love fall with the chilly nights and fest of color. And nothing speaks more autumn to me than preserved pressed botanicals. May be it comes from the childhood memories. There was something incredibly warm and nostalgic to discover long forgotten leaves and flowers pressed between pages of a book. A little piece of summer in the middle of the snowy winter months.

And now every time I come across the pressed botanical art it brings me right back to those comforting moments.

Botanical art not only brings in warmth to any space but also looks incredibly chic and sophisticated. And it’s so easy to do it yourself too, just mount dry botanicals on vintage paper or just a plain frame glass and here you go.

There are so many ideas of incorporating this natural beauty. These incredible botanical accessories from Botanical Creations, Garden22 Design Studio and Zipper 8 Design definitely go on my Wish List.

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