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rob wynne glass art

November 30, 2010

I stumbled upon Rob Wynne glass art installations and was immediately blown away. Besides the incredible sense of humor, it possesses such a captivating dimensionality and makes you stop and stare. “Teardrops” stole my heart.

Artificial Paradise, Installation View. 2009 JGM.Galerie. Paris, France

My another favorite is poured and  mirrored glass text. My designer juices are boiling with ideas for its application.

An Orchid in the Land of Technology, 2007. Poured & mirrored glass. DIOR Permanent Installation (headquarters Ave. Montaigne Paris, France)

Dior - Plaza 66. Shanghai, China (permanent installation) 2010

Love Sick, 2010. poured and mirrored glass. 36"x 27"

In the Air, 2009.Poured & mirrored glass. 53" x 30"

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happy thanksgiving!

November 26, 2010

Hey there! I’ve been out for a while again. I guess the holiday fever and thesis final combined are destined for a burn-out.  But I must say I’ve really enjoyed a much-needed time off with the family, thanks to my husband mostly, who took on the dinner organizational part and found the recipes.   After a day of cooking, it was such a blessing to see family and friends get together for a good meal and a chat.

I’m so happy that I’ve got a chance to give back this season…at least a little bit. Last week some gals from UCLA Extension and me headed downtown for the furniture assembly volunteer day for Downtown Women Center. It was such a heart ache to face the reality of homelessness in Downtown of LA when only a few block away  there are these sizzling blocks with new restaurants opening every month. But at the same time I felt so inspired to see that little people like us REALLY can make  a difference with small consistent efforts.

Downtown Women Center is a non-profit organization sheltering homeless and extremely low-income women, providing meals, medical care and permanent housing. Having acquired a new building a few years ago, the center is now ready to open with the Grand Celebration on December 10th.  Stop by if you are in the area.

There’s more volunteer help needed on Dec.4th to prep the space for the opening, email me for details

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scattered light

November 19, 2010

The Scattered Light installation  by Jim Campbell at Madison Square literary brighten my day.

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bridal fever

November 16, 2010

A good friend of mine is getting engaged. Can’t tell you who she is, as it is the most exciting part to break this kind of news, so I leave it up to her.  All of the dress-talk this AM. totally threw me in bridal fever for the rest of the day. I LOVE weddings and wish I could have mine every year in all color pallets, themes and destinations possible. the thing is I have to stay productive with my thesis for the final couple of weeks so I’ve forbidden myself to open a single wedding-related site/blog/magazine till my finals.  But how in the world this lovely dress from White House|Black Market crept in  my way (officially dream wedding dress #5304).

Congratulation friend, I’m SO incredibly happy for you. <image via>

fall for zara fall

November 15, 2010

I must confess I’m absolutely smitten with ZARA’s fall/winter collection 2010.  Event acquiring 2 pairs of pans and a blouse didn’t satisfy my cravings (while totally busted my monthly budget). They have exactly everything that i love about fall dress code: lots of neutrals, classic wool coats (especially in herring bone pattern…ah!) and layers…lots of layers. Layering is why fall is my favorite season.  Same old cardigan can look so fresh and in season, when paired up with a silky dress and knitted stockings. Anyways, here are a FEW of my “must-haves” from ZARA.

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simply stunning

November 12, 2010

December Vogue features one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, Angelina Jolie. May be a little troubled in the past, she seems to be a very strong and versatile personality, who never stops to amaze and captivate. What a stunning editorial by the greatest Mario Testino. It just exudes the power of femininity, no wonder it disarmed THE Pitt.

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fall preserved

November 11, 2010

I know, I know…winter holiday’s theme starts creeping in into blogs and store fronts but I’m always trying to drag the time out at this time of the year. I love fall with the chilly nights and fest of color. And nothing speaks more autumn to me than preserved pressed botanicals. May be it comes from the childhood memories. There was something incredibly warm and nostalgic to discover long forgotten leaves and flowers pressed between pages of a book. A little piece of summer in the middle of the snowy winter months.

And now every time I come across the pressed botanical art it brings me right back to those comforting moments.

Botanical art not only brings in warmth to any space but also looks incredibly chic and sophisticated. And it’s so easy to do it yourself too, just mount dry botanicals on vintage paper or just a plain frame glass and here you go.

There are so many ideas of incorporating this natural beauty. These incredible botanical accessories from Botanical Creations, Garden22 Design Studio and Zipper 8 Design definitely go on my Wish List.

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relax into beauty

November 10, 2010

What a week last week has been! I guess stressful situations don’t come alone, they always travel in pack. Good news – it’s all downhill from now on. At least for the next few weeks before the holidays’ rush kicks in. But till then, let’s relax into these serene interiors by Atlanta-based Turner Davis Interiors.

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day by birger et mikkelsen

November 2, 2010

Recently I has been in a fashion mode, may be for the lack of dress up for this past Halloween. The latest DAY collection by Birger et Mikkelsen is definitely in tune with my fall feelings.

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