press club

Warm autumn days makes me what to put my boots on and visit the countryside. So it happens that in California the countryside is most likely to include a winery or two. I love little wineries with their perfect design simplicity, stained rustic wood  and succinct decor (mostly including wine bottles only). When I came across The Press Club, San Francisco wine tasting room and shop, I gasped at how ideally BCV Architects translated all that we love about country wine tasting into urban surrounding.

Perfect Recipe:

Laconic Architecture – check

Wood (lots of wood) – check

Bottle Decor – CHECK!

The 9,000 sf venue is located within San Francisco’s Four Seasons hotel on Yerba Buena Lane. The 1,100 SF entry level shop entices the visitor inside, and then reveals a grand stair to a subterranean level tasting lounge. The palette of materials mixes warm, sustainably sourced woods with exposed structural elements, suggesting the partnership of the organic and the industrial that is the hallmark of Wine Country. Wine bottles themselves are used in innovative displays that bring color and light to the space.

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