3 years ago

Today exactly 3 years ago I married the most amazing man on earth (sorry to break it down to you, single ladies, but yes – he’s already taken:) and those 3 years were the most blessed years of my life. I cant’ thank the God enough for bringing us together from across the planet. Seriously, what were the chances for a guy from Los Angeles to meet a gal from Shadrinsk? But here we are, honey, and I can’t cherish enough every second spent with you. You really make me a better person and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life in our arms. I love you!

To celebrate the anniversary we set up the shoot with tremendously talented photographer and my dear friend Jenn Hoffman. Jenn did an amazing job capturing us as we are as well as luscious Downtown LA architecture (which, as you understand, was very important for me). Jenn is the best and can’t recommend her enough. Check our her site and prepare to be impressed!

And now, you guys get the first sneak peek of out shoot!

<images via www.jennhoffmanphotography.com>


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