the 100th post

When I started my blog back in October 2009, the thought of the 100th post was so far our of reach. Not knowing how to start, I just wanted to capture my musings and inspirations one day at a time and idea of somebody’s reading/following my scribbles was unimaginable.

Here I am  at my 100th post, my first milestone, and I can proudly say I’m here to stay. Researching and writing has become a habit, and seeing everything as another post topic has made my life that much more exciting and adventurous. Now I can’t be just lazy…I HAVE to see that new exhibition, I HAVE to visit that showroom opening, I HAVE to be there and participate… because I owe it to my blog and you, my readers.

Starting from 75 visits my first month (most of which, I’m sure, were my supportive husband) I’ve come to 1,146 (and counting) this month. Quite a shocking number for me personally. So thank you everyone who’s along for a ride. Your feed back is very important to me, in fact, I always scream in excitement when I see your comments.

Let’s go for another hundred…

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