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another david hicks: commercial

June 25, 2010

All of the new Hicks‘ work couldn’t fit into a single post so I decided to follow up with the coverage of this hospitality and commercial work. What an attention to details! Indulge.

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the 100th post

June 24, 2010

When I started my blog back in October 2009, the thought of the 100th post was so far our of reach. Not knowing how to start, I just wanted to capture my musings and inspirations one day at a time and idea of somebody’s reading/following my scribbles was unimaginable.

Here I am  at my 100th post, my first milestone, and I can proudly say I’m here to stay. Researching and writing has become a habit, and seeing everything as another post topic has made my life that much more exciting and adventurous. Now I can’t be just lazy…I HAVE to see that new exhibition, I HAVE to visit that showroom opening, I HAVE to be there and participate… because I owe it to my blog and you, my readers.

Starting from 75 visits my first month (most of which, I’m sure, were my supportive husband) I’ve come to 1,146 (and counting) this month. Quite a shocking number for me personally. So thank you everyone who’s along for a ride. Your feed back is very important to me, in fact, I always scream in excitement when I see your comments.

Let’s go for another hundred…

another david hicks: residential

June 23, 2010

Can you imagine being an interior designer and having the name David Hicks. How hard might it be? No pressure, right? While browsing through archives of our well-known David Hicks, the trend setter in the design world from the 70s, I came across another David Hicks, the contemporary one.

An Australian interior designer, David Hicks brings a different set of cards to the table as his interiors are rather subdued comparing to the works of the older Hicks. Monochrome, strong, handsome and incredibly sleek without being unlivable and hostile.  And still you can trace the heritage of the master in the eclecticism of the furniture pieces as well as accessories. Another proof that 20th-century classics never look outdated while providing warmth and character to the space.

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abstract romantism by kamran khavarani

June 16, 2010

Jeez, I totally forgot to tell all of you guys about the incredible art exhibition in Westwood.  Persian-American artist Kamran Khavarani presents his abstract romanticism works inspired by the Persian mystic, Rumi. The exhibit closes June 17 but it definitely is worth stopping by. The intensity of colors and the unique painting techniques are something to amaze at and abstract visuals will make you ponder. If you miss it, at lease browse through his website for the full collection of works. So inspiring.

To visit: Private Gallery 1020 Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles

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June 14, 2010

As for me, there’s never enough of wallpapers, wall coverings and decorative panels. They always make such a profound transformation in a room at a minimal effort. So I was so exited to discover the ModularArts, a solid mineral composite panels with a such variety of patterns. Painted, lit or just as is, they would add architectural interest to any space. Incredible source of inspiration.

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sporeborne by anna garforth and eleanor stevens

June 12, 2010

Urban land artists, Guerilla gardeners, Green graffiti extraordinaires…however you call this two, the art that comes out of this collaboration is  simply unbelievable. It’s deep, it’s inspiriting, it’s beautiful and, yes, they do it by hand.  Spreading the eco-message  and sparkling  questioning El&Abe, as the duo is known, have been showcasing their work all over Europe.

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abc kitchen

June 9, 2010

It’s impossible not to like ABC carpet and home. Mixing fresh and old, ethnic and international, the New York-based Company has something for everyone. And with the new restaurant opened in New York, they are going beyond pleasing our style cravings.

abc kitchen with jean-georges focuses on delivering everything organic, local, sustainable, humanely treated, fair traded, free of  pesticides, hormones and synthetic fertilizers and all other good stuff. And they do it with chic, too earning spectacular reviews on both design and food. Integrating different natural textures with a little New York sparkle, the space lures with warmth and welcome.

abc kitchen taps into the leadership and expertise of the abc home curation, featuring sustainable, local, artisan indigenous, salvaged, recycled and goodwood stories. these include found, salvaged, reclaimed & recycled building materials; handmade porcelain dinnerware 
by local artisan jan burtz; bread baskets handcrafted by the indigenous mapuche people of patagonia; 
salvaged wood tables handcrafted by local artisan jim denney; steel and concrete installations 
by local artisan eric slayton; a venetian plaster wall and mirrors painted, etched, and collaged by local artisans;
a rooftop garden that provides herbs and micro-greens; soy-based candles that are free of pesticides,
GMOs & additives; and all organic cleaning products.

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vertical garden wall by patrick blanc

June 6, 2010

As I’m working on my Thesis project, I’ve been awfully drawn to all sorts of inspirations from nature. Here’s another one, which have influenced me a LOT. Patrick Blanc, a French landscape architect, is a  developer of the concept of the vertical garden. Quoting his website,  vertical gardens “rely on the new way of growing plants without any soil. … The vertical garden can be implemented  outdoor or indoor, in any climatic environment. For indoor location, an artificially lighting is usually required. Watering and fertilization are automated. The Vertical Garden acts as a  phonic and thermal isolation system. It is also an air purification device”.

And it’s GORGEOUS. A much-needed oasis in our hectic lives.

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nature by aviva stanoff

June 4, 2010

Nature truly has already created all the beauty out there, we just need to look closer to discover that,  as did a New-York based artist and designer Aviva Stanoff. At her Design Studio each product is unique as it is created by hand through silk screening or dying. Whether its her signature velvets or silk organza, charmeuse or glass, her home collection is astounding in its simple beauty.

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concetto by ceasar stone

June 3, 2010

From a movie jewel to the real jewels. Concetto is a new awe-inspiring collection of extraordinary surfaces hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones by CeasarStone. The incredible natural patterns and hues are combined with heat, stain and scratch resistance qualities. With 19 varieties and an option for back-lighting, you are in for a real treat.

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