walking in downtown LA

One of the past weekends, I finally managed to carve out some free time to go and explore the downtown. With the tremendous changes of the past few years, it has turned from the “scary to be” place into “to be seen in” place. Lots of trendy restaurants, clubs and cultural venues all fleeing to downtown. And so did I, equipped with a camera.

In downtown, it’s all about the details. To take the moment to stop and literally look above those hectic shops and take it in. Wish for the Golden Age of Hollywood era and see yourself strolling down Broadway for the premier of the new play in one of those gorgeous theaters.

Oh and Art Deco, of course…

And for the piece of New York on the West Coast for those of  you, like me, tearing your heart apart between the two cities.

<images via me>


2 Responses to “walking in downtown LA”

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