the old new: polka dot ceiling lights

It’s been a while since my last public copycat unveil but this is a good one. Flipping though last issue of Conde Nast Traveler I had one of those deja vu experiences with the ceiling lights by Marcel Breuer now found in Buenos Aires.Check out by yourself and don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite at the end.

THE OLD:  Whitney Museum, NY by Marcel Breuer, 1966

Breuer’s bold gestures doesn’t end with the massive stepping exterior of the museum, but continues into the hall with the very architectural yet simple lighting decision.

On the black ceiling surface the series of the pendants looks more like the recessed concaves. The interplay of the positive and negative spaces really fools the eye.

THE NEW: Isabel Bar, Buenos Aires by “Have no idea who…searched all through Internet”, 200?

This new “to be seen” spot is located next door from the celeb’s favorite dining spot Casa Cruz in Palermo. The menu of drinks changes hourly, so it’ll get you from “hangover” all through steamy Palermo night, with the loud upbeat house and glitzy dressed crowd. Waiters sell “Isabelinas”, casino-type chips used at the bar as scrip. Jeez..if only Breuer knew…

I apologize for the picture quality, had to scan from the magazine.

So which one is your favorite?

<images via 1, 2, Conde Nast Traveler>


One Response to “the old new: polka dot ceiling lights”

  1. Guadalupe Fauntleroy Says:

    Ceiling lights that are made from LED are the best because they use less electricity and of course they do not create heat that much.:`”;”

    Many thanks“>

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