gerard butler’s new york loft

Am I the only one at ahhh with Gerard Butler’s New York Loft. I’m even ready to forgive him the Bounty Hunter. (Seriously, Gerry, don’t sell yourself cheap). But this apartment, if you can call it that, is definitely worthy of the  King Leonidas. And may be it’s not completely my cup of tea design wise, I can appreciate the quality “aged” work that so often goes sour Disneyland.

So we are talking about 3,300-square-foot loft in Chelsea, Manhattan located on 6 and 7 floors. the actor  worked with architect Alexander Gorlin and film designer Elvis Restaino for years to complete the masterpiece, and for me the time was well spent as the place looks like it’s been there forever.

According to AD, the loft boasts, “13-foot-tall mahogany doors; a ceiling and wall frescos; plaster walls chipped and mottled with age; massive columns supporting limestone lions; crystal chandeliers casting spidery shadows,” and plenty of furnishings from New York décor mecca ABC Carpet & Home.

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3 Responses to “gerard butler’s new york loft”

  1. Qwendy Says:

    Hi there, I was delighted to discover your blog while searching for an online pic of Paul Poiret, so I’ve subscribed.

    Hey, this is a refreshing change from the contemporary hotel styles of decorating favored by so many celebs……..I’ve had it with “tasteful,” bring on Leonidas!

    • designapothecary Says:

      I know, right?!
      I was surprised to see a lot of negative reviews out there. At least somebody takes a risk and tries to be different…and not JUST different but QUALITY different.

      You go Leonidas!

  2. Qwendy Says:

    Ah yes, that’s the problem, I”m not surprised, it’s the old taste bugaboo, I miss the old days in Hollywood ; )

    Nowadays anything that looks like you are having fun couldn’t possibly be “serious,” and everyone wants to be “taken seriously” — so silly!

    Meanwhile, great party pad!

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