magic bulb trick

Following my yesterday’s post on light bulb inspiration, it’s time to show my creation. I was really captured by the idea of light shimmering in the water, especially after seeing the plastic water bottles wall in the Morimoto restaurant, when lit from behind, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

My original idea was to fill up bulbs with water and some how arrange them around the light source. But the my husband showed me the magic bulb trick on youtube and the light bulb inside my head went on! If I don’t need any wires to supply the bulb why don’t I…well, check it out.

…yes, I submerged my whole fixture under the water. Not only the light looks surreal under water, but also the regular frosted bulbs appear as if the glass is a kind of liquid steel (like the bad guy from the  old Terminator movie). How did I do it?

First, drilled the holes in a few bulbs and filled them up with water. These would serve as the weight for the rest of the bulbs to actually stay under water and do not float up.

Then, I took 2 magic bulb (bought them at the local magic shop) and wrapped the base in foil to lit them up.I’ve put some hot glue around the base where it touches the glass to make sure that water is not leaking through.

And I assembled the whole thing. too bad the battery life of the magic bulb is not that long, so by the end of the show one bulb went off.

<images via me>

2 Responses to “magic bulb trick”

  1. payalpateldesigns Says:

    very cool idea!! the magic bulb lights itself? i never knew those existed…

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