feeling felt

Felt is a material which is experiencing a renaissance. Not just in fashion but nowadays also in product design and architecture, more and more creative spirits are exploiting the potential of this material. I can’t get enough of it. With its textile qualities it is so architectural and … eco-friendly. Such a great budget solution to achieve the curvilinear look without The Yas Hotel bank.

There’s even an exhibition in Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, called Fashion Felt. Click here to see more objects and to learn the process.

Scallop wall panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Origami wall panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Elbac wall panel by Anne Kyyrö Quinn

Village SOUNDWAVE® by OFFECCT AB Gallery

Delight by Innermost Ltd

felt rocks by molo

Coral seating module by studio aisslinger

Dots  Limited Edition

Wosk Theater, Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance

<images via www.architonic.com>

3 Responses to “feeling felt”

  1. payalpateldesigns Says:

    that is so awesome!! this is always where I struggle..finding the right products!! Thanks for enlightening me on what’s out there!! I can’t wait to use it sometime!

  2. layladesign Says:

    Beautifuuulll…it’s amazing in how many ways felt can be used..! And every time it looks different..and gorgeous! So inspiring…:) great finds!

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