the old new:tree mural

I’m a strong believer that everything new is long forgotten old. And being a huge fan of history, I find the past the best source of inspiration. So with that in mind, i decided to start the new category on my blog, called “the old new” where I would post any “now-then” projects that cross my path.

The first one is Mary MacDonald vs. Paul Poiret.

The NEW: Living room of Jennifer and Bert Salke’s house in Beverly Hills. Designed by Mary MacDonald. Mural by Jefferson Miles.

The OLD: 1924. Bedroom by Paul Poiret, a famous French fashion designer, whose passion occasionally has spread into the interior design world.

Here’s the bohemian bedroom with ethereal Asian-inspired tree and oriental rugs with heavy tassels.

So which one is your favorite?

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3 Responses to “the old new:tree mural”

  1. payalpateldesigns Says:

    First of all, I really love your concept of “old and new”…and I definitely agree that the past is a great source of inspiration. I look forward to seeing more of what you find!! I find it really interesting. As far as which one I like better…I think I actually prefer the old better in this case. There is something about that tree that is very dynamic…

    • designapothecary Says:

      Thanks girl. I have to agree with you on this case. Even though I generally love Mrs. MacDonald’s work, comparing these two I love the old one better. “The new” mural seems a little disconnected with the room, where as “the old” one involves other surfaces into the unified look.

  2. Undercover Designer Says:

    […] Images 1, 2, 4 […]

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