crystals in vegas

On this last trip to Vegas I, unfortunately, didn’t have a chance to browse through the new Aria hotel (I’m coming back in a few weeks, so check back for the Aria post), but judging by the exterior it must be something spectacular. I did have a chance though to check out the new shopping center right at the foot of it. 

Designed by internationally renowned architects Studio Daniel Libeskind and David Rockwell, Crystals is the combination of luxurious trends both in clothing and food. What stopped my eye on it among all this sea of steel and glass is the tremendously lighted and sculptured ceiling of the Tiffany store (on the very left above). To my huge disappointment I later found out that the ceiling and the graceful winding stair lead to the Tiffany’s customer service offices and 95% of visitors won’t even get to there while shopping. So it’s like the hidden treasure.

So here are a few pictures that I snapped while there.

<images via me>


2 Responses to “crystals in vegas”

  1. larooblog Says:

    KAA did the Mastro’s Ocean Club! Wish I could say I had a hand in it, but it was before my time in the studio…

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