thing after thing…

And here I am again…ruining a New Year’s resolution to post at least once a day. But juggling the final project presentation, Vegas trip and my husband’s anniversary party planning are reaching the limit of my capacity. So the  B-day is tomorrow and here’s my inspiration for the cake. Obviously, Ilia is a soccer player and a HUGE fan as well.I hope the cake will come out great to cheer him up on this big day.

Ooops, HONEY don’t read this post! It’s a surprise! Love you.

<image via>


3 Responses to “thing after thing…”

  1. layladesign Says:

    The concept is just amazing…u r genius!!! Love it..:))

  2. just a friend)))so far away from design stuff))) Says:

    Harika bir fikir!!!bağıldım!!! sorry…it was turkish))means Great idea!i love it very much)

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