Giannetti Almighty

Most of us here, in design blogosphere, know and love Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linen blog where she shares her daily design aspirations, travels and home projects in such a lively and personal way that it seems you ‘ve known her for ages. She and her multi-talented husband-architect Steve manage a successful architecture and interior design firm here in LA. She runs The Giannetti Home, an absolutely beautiful furniture and accessories store in the heart of Brentwood. And they have 3 kids!

But this is not the end. Browsing through their lovely portfolio I stumbled upon another creation of the Almighty family.

Detaliano is a website – online pattern book and visual reference library of Classic architectural elements and images, organized by architectural style and backed up by details on how to build or where to buy the element.

Here you can find all you architectural and design needs answered. Whether you browse numerous photo gallery on exterior and interior architecture (taking in the 20 years of experience!), decor, sketches, reference to basic dimensions and codes, Detaliano is a priceless resource for both designers and home owners with “what to start from” headaches.

Hey and the vendor lists are amazing! It’s like sneaking into the firm’s design library but with all the links a click away.

Thanks Brooke and Steve for being such a great inspiration for the design community.

P.S. Honestly guys how do you do all that?!


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