the game’s officially on

Finally, all the work is done and we can be the judges! I’m talking here about Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge. Three designers from Bloomingdale, Apartment Therapy and Elle Decor were to design a space in the window front of the New York Bloomingdale flagship store using the furniture and accessories from Bloomingdale’s Home collection and their favorite antiques and collectibles.

And as the honorable judges we are invited to the Party where we’ll meet  Eddie Ross, Eileen Joyce, and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan from 6-8pm on January 28th on the fifth floor. RSVP:

You have from now up to January 28th to vote online and/or by SMS Text

Please Send a Text to 89800—Enter Only 1, 2, or 3:

  • 2—Apartment Therapy
  • 3—Bloomingdale’s

Click here to vote online and see the current poll results. Here are the contestants:

1. The Urbane Traveller by Eileen Joyce for Bloomingdale’s

2. The Writer’s Romantic Supper by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy

3. The Modern Woman by Eddie Ross for Elle Decor

Who’s your favorite?

<images via Apartment Therapy>


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