salt and pepper…part 2

Following on my last year (wow!) post on salt and pepper shakers, here comes part number 2 by Elle Decor. Probably a lovely reminder to finally get something more designer-worthy instead of those ugly 99¢ ones.

Simply Fine Lenox Chirp figural salt and pepper set, $25; Lenox.comHatching baby crocodile salt and pepper, $475;

Juliska Petit Singe salt and pepper shakers, $56;

Stag salt and pepper, $25; MookieGifts.comMr. and Mrs. Muse salt and pepper, $48;

Alessi Columbina salt and pepper castors, $34;<images via Elle Decor>


One Response to “salt and pepper…part 2”

  1. just a friend)))so far away from design stuff))) Says:

    really didn’t think before that salt and pepper shakers can be so wel-designed))) see hatching baby crocodile)))

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