Astek Custom Wallcoverings

I first met extremely nice ladies from Astek at CABoom Show last year. I was attracted by  large variety of the product and endless possibilities for custom projects. (the ability to print on a wide range of materials for walls, ceilings, and floors which range from basic papers, vinyls, mylars, and canvas, to plywood, glass, fabric, cork, grasscloth, plex, window film, and many others.) The best part is that you can upload you design on their website and get an instant quote.

And now when I’m in search for that perfect wallcovering for the accent wall in the dining, a visit to their showroom is on my To-Do List.  In the meanwhile here are a few of my favorites from their website.

Luscious Velvets

Moda by Living Style You can also find Astek through

<images via and>


2 Responses to “Astek Custom Wallcoverings”

  1. Vision Window Film Says:

    Theres som e lovely designs there. Are these wallpaper or vinyl coverings?

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