Windsor Smith

After all, Los Angeles is a city of many talented people. I may hate it during the holiday season for the lack of snow but, as Maison 21 said, when living in LA “weather is something one visits, but doesn’t actually live in”. So I’d better stop complaining and get to the point…being the LA talented crows. And in this particular case is Windsor Smith, the founder of Windsor Smith Home. Browsing through her site I found Smith’s quote talking about her inspirations:

“I am up thumbing through out-of-print architecture books or reading about our legendary women of style… Elsie De Wolfe, Slim Keith, Babe Paley… I draw inspiration from the armchairs they are reclining on, in their country homes. My eye travels to the crystal girandoles on the mantel they are leaning against, or the moss-covered garden statuary their horse is riding past… I like to create libraries where men with names like Howard, Bing and Spencer sat in cashmere sweaters and contemplated the 13th hole on the Bel Air golf course. I am drawn to a simple but elegant time when the women were so legendary that surnames weren’t necessary…. Slim, Babe, Coco…”

How more romantic can interior design sound?! And I couldn’t agree more. My greatest inspiration is history. I love the interiors that breath stories behind them. I could go on forever but let’s rather see how Windsor Smith interprets her philosophy into the real projects. Shall we?

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