Trip to Umbria, Italy

I think it’s impossible to find a single person in the whole design community who wouldn’t want to roam through small factories and craftsmen workshops in the heart of  Italy.  Well, last Friday I had a chance to do just that…and without being jet-legged. How, you ask? Check out a new showroom at PDC called Italian Living Umbria. It’ll totally transform your mind-set about regular showroom because it’s definitely not one of those.

Sponsored by 5 governmental institutes in Umbria, Italy this place represents local craftsmen and manufactures from the region. Here you can find everything from hand-carved furniture, hand-painted tiles to best quality textiles and antiques. All that produced in best Italian traditions and shipped directly to you without any “middle man” and showroom markups. One might think “old italian traditions have nothing to do with my sleek contemporary house”, then you’ll be definitely surprised. Having centuries of traditional techniques, those guys are daring you to dare them with the most hight-tech industrial futuristic project. All that will be done in the same high quality Italians are so proud of.

Shop in Umbria from you couch here.

How would you like your cabinets made out of wood from Renaissance Italian Villa? There are tons of those villas in Italy and they are being remodeled every day, those guys save the materials and can deliver product to you,  history-loving soul.

Cannot say enough about Italian decorative tiles.  Here paired with the solid custom made sink. Both painted and stained by hand to resemble centuries of wear and tear. Yes, you don’t have to wait that long.

and your table napkin in a pattern of rosette window of best churches in Umbria. I’m telling you these guys can do anything.

of course,  y your favorite Italian kitchens here, too.

decorative textiles and linens. as fancy as you like.

now, this is what I LIKE: a little bit of history + a pinch of color and fun. Perfect recipe for a delicious space. <images via>


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