sleek and modern from gSelect.

I guess, I’m officially in a gift-searching mode now or it just happens that all the “super cool accessories” websites started stoking me. My latest find is gSelect with its refreshingly stylish lines of everything: from furniture and lamps to books and plants. Look at me, I even started rhyming (usually not my style). The creators of Gessato (an upscale online store offering premium men’s skin care products) seems to know how to market themselves:

Tastemakers and trend-setters, our clientele inspired us to introduce our latest store, GSelect, a collection of high-end merchandise created for today’s discriminating man. …our customers truly appreciate the finer things in life.

Men?!..finer things in life?! That’s not fair, I say, for great design is a Universal Right of every human being. So I dare you to click here and indulge yourself and/or the dearest ones with the quality and sophistication.

under $50: these sticky lamps can totally be a great focal point/art installation; milk crown tray is perfect for a jewelry lover or can be a key tray (who doesn’t need one of those, right); it’s time  to get rid of those ugly aluminum/stainless steel bowls with these sleek double pet bowls (they come in different color sets too); fingerprinted business card case for those stylish and business-minded

under $150: I absolutely fell in love with Domsai Terrarium by MatteoCibic, with variety of shapes you can get one of those for all your friends to depict their character. My husband would get the first one))); I haven’t seen so many funky cuff links, my eye caught the BullsEye and Block by Imooi; calendars are always in need but an elegant calendar is hard to find, here is Danese Milano Perpetual Calendar.

Pamper yourself (no $ limit): these cork “Cube” stools by Scram are quite literally perfect for every setting (can be used indoors or out) and are environmentally friendly, which never hurts; ditch the usual tourist traps and see the best cities in the world on foot with the city walk guides; how about 12 standard milk bottles into a stunning lamp, huh?!; my all time favourite 85 lamps chandelier; looking for  unusual mirror idea, here is 6000 Names Mirror. On the backside of the glass and in alphabetical order, more than 6000 names are printed. This gives a soft image and from a distance the mirror looks tinted. A closer look uncovers the first names of people from all over the world.

<images via gSelect>

2 Responses to “sleek and modern from gSelect.”

  1. frank Says:

    Wow what a store. I love it, unique, fresh and very friendly to browse. Finally somebody seem to think at people like me :)
    Thank you for the tip!

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