Zipper Gifts

yeah-yeah, it’s that time of the year again. Whether you want it or not but gift thoughts start creeping into the head and bother  your integral well-being. I personally refuse to go to a mall yet not to be engaged in the Universal Bacchanalia of bargains and money. Have you ever find yourself in the middle of the mall crowd with the list of random people you barely know but have to get something for Christmas on the BUDGET. I hate that feeling! What are you supposed to get them?! A book …too personal, a gift card…too banal, I always end up at the Z Galleries looking for some accessories…but again I’ve most likely never visited those random people’s homes so what should i get?!!

This year I got my problems solved as I found a relief. is a great online store with a nice collection of accessories and gifts. You can find here something stylish and witty  on every budget. But don’t tell everyone, I want to keep it all to myself.

I wish their LA store was still open as I would be a frequent guest. Here are a few of my choices from the online store:

Picasso Morph Notepad

Buddha Letter Holder

Wobble Chess Set


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