Mansour Modern

Everyone knows and loves antique Mansour Rugs but Mansour Modern Collections have some really great treasures as well. A few of my favorites:

mansour-modern-ecoThese two are from Eco Collection: Natique (Left) and Plywood (right). Plywood! What a great and animal-friendly substitution for zebra prints.

mansour-modern-hideThe Hyde collections blew me away. I want every single one of them in. Here Marque (left) and Massa (right).

mansour-modern-chinoisNo tacky CHINOISery here. Ming (left) and Porcelain (right).

mansour-modern-KerryJoyceAcclaimed Los Angeles-based interior and furniture designer Kerry Joyce brings electric inspiration to his luxurious  collection. Here Madera (left) and Su (right).

mansour-modernKelly (left) from Victoria Hagan Collection and   Zeliger (right) from African Collection



2 Responses to “Mansour Modern”

  1. Tristan Says:

    Thank you so much for the mention!

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